Quilting Club

A Quilting Club has started at The Oak Lane House (TOLH).

The group meets on Fridays starting at 11am.  The group is led by local quilter, Beverley Lucas King, who oversees the making of the quilts given to high school graduate from the Oak Lane Presbyterian Church each year.

Come and try your talents in this old-world craft.  You don’t need to know how to sew to get involved in quilting but you will develop that skill.

Email Ms. King to discuss what you need to get started or any questions you might have – milo6827@gmail.com.  A $5 contribution to TOLH is asked for each quilting session attended..

Meeting Space Available

The Oak Lane House
6635 N. 11 St.
(Next to the Oak Lane Presbyterian Church, 11th and Oak Ln.)

Do you need space for any of the following?

  • Worship Service
  • Community Meetings
  • Weddings
  • Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Social Clubs
  • Book Clubs
  • Family Reunions, Birthdays, & Special Occasions

Please give us a call!

Contact: Harriett Atkerson at 215-888-9018  or
Jon Weston at 215-224-4547 or papermanjdw@aol.com